With the upcoming shutdown of the 3G network, now is the best time to upgrade your telematics solution. GoGPS (Authorized Geotab Reseller) is currently offering new customers FREE DATA TILL THE END OF THE YEAR!

Use Geotab’s world-leading telematics along with best in class workflow and TMS integrations to tackle the many challenges a modern fleet may face. What makes Geotab’s world-leading platform the best choice? 

  • Geotab keeps you equipped with the innovative hardware like the GO9+ telematics device to ensure connectivity
  • One of the largest R&D investment in the industry
  • One of the most sophisticated data analytics, powered by Google
  • An unparalleled, expandable architecture that supports Add-Ins from hundreds of Marketplace partners and key OEMs
  • Supports custom tools such as AI cameras, asset trackers, in-cab coaching and much more
  • Military-grade data encryption and FedRAMP certification

Geotab has helped fleets large and small find success. This track record of achievement and quality is why Geotab has been rated the top-ranked commercial telematics company by ABI Research for two years in a row.

Why Geotab?

+ Ranked as the number one commercial telematics provider worldwide for the second consecutive year by
ABI Research

+ Largest telematics company in the world with over 2.2 million vehicle subscriptions in over 130 countries and growing

+ Easy integration of third-party software and hardware thanks to the Geotab SDK, APIs and Marketplace

+ Commitment to continuous innovation with a large team of specialized technical engineers

How to claim this offer:
As an authorized dealer we can make sure the switch is smooth, and with minimal disruption. Reach out to gosales@gogps.com or call 1.866.964.6477