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The World’s Only Expandable Plug & Play Platform

Go7 is the newest in technology hardware that we offer in United States and Canada. The device offers true plug-and-play technology helping to reduce both installation time and fees. Simply plug the GPS tracking device into your vehicle’s OBDII port and your installation with be complete – a process that takes about 30 seconds on average.

Collect Data In Real-Time With GPS Vehicle Tracking 

What’s more amazing than watching your vehicles move on a map in real-time? The fact that you can see all of the associated trip details when you hover your mouse over the trip points – including speed levels, broken rules, and much more. Geotab’s rich breadcrumb trail tracking is a patented technology that gives you the most advanced insights into your driver’s on-road performance via their GO device hardware.

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High Quality Meets Exceptional Tracking Hardware

Being as small as it is, the GO device is virtually undetectable in your vehicle, yet it packs a punch with it’s advanced telematics technology. It begins tracking the moment your vehicle is in motion and continues to record second-by-second, extracting the most crucial data during your travels – as well as when you are idling. Due to its versatility, the GO device is also capable of being integrated into any vehicle.

Expand Your Hardware Capabilities With Add-On Apps

With third-party providers easily integrating into the software, Geotab’s platform has the flexibility to expand your capabilities and collect industry-specific data via Add-Ons. It will also scale your software to cover any additional needs that your fleet may require – as your fleet grows in size, your software can grow to accommodate it as well.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Making it easy for your drivers to immediately improve their on-road driving behavior, the in-vehicle tracking hardware’s audible alerts notify drivers of unsafe or potentially risky driving events. Once the driver has corrected his or her driving behavior, such as a reduction in speed, the interactive in-vehicle alerts will stop beeping.

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Simplified software helps to manage your complex information and deliver it in the most efficient manner, so you can spend less time deciphering your data and more time utilizing it to make better business decisions for both your fleet and your company.

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