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GoGPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking FAQ

Not at all. Installing our GoGPS unit only takes a few seconds. Once installed you will be amazed at what this tiny device can do.
Yes. Please speak with one of our representatives and we will be sure to provide you direction on how to arrange this.
Absolutely! We take great pride in making all of our customers Fleet Experts! All of our training is fully complimentary. Ask about our training program today.
GoGPS caters to small, medium and enterprise level clients. Weather you have 1 or 10,000 vehicles GoGPS is here to work with you in achieving your goals.
Absolutely! We trust our solution will not only impress you but exceed your expectations. We welcome a 30 day trial on all our services. All we ask is you provide us feedback on how we did and how we can get started.
Not at all. Many companies practice a formal on boarding process to assist their employees on adopting the new technology. Many employees who have already embraced your company values will absolutely be open to championing your new Fleet Management Solution. Ultimately your GPS Fleet Management Solution will serve to increase accountability and provide real time data to grow your business.
Many companies feel that our solution may not be for them. These reasons may include cost, return on investment and overall purpose for the technology. The truth is tracking works for any amount of vehicles. There are many security features built in along with management tools to help increase profitability while lowering operational costs.
As a local business you understand that routing your vehicles properly could serve for being more efficient. Our solution helps business not only plan the routes any given day but cross reference with the actual routes taken by the employee. Our solution will also hold your drivers accountable as they are a representation of your company. Risky driver behaviour can have a negative impact on your business. GoGPS ensures you will have a audible solution for your drivers in the event of speeding, idling, harsh braking, rapid acceleration and not wearing a seatbelt.