LifeSaver Mobile is a fleet safety solution that helps reduce employee phone distraction while driving. The solution is 100% software, no beacons or dongles to purchase, install, maintain or upgrade. Drivers simply download the mobile application and managers use the browser-based fleet portal to configure the app and to view and receive usage and compliance reporting for their respective drivers. 

No Hardware Required

Unlike other distracted driving solutions, LifeSaver works without any companion hardware.  No need to purchase, install or maintain additional beacons, OBD2 dongles, or custom hardware for the windshield.  No hardware means you never have to see the vehicle, our app deploys over the air to your driver’s phone.  LifeSaver is all about making it easy for you, your drivers, and your company.


For Insurance Partners

Finally, a smartphone solution for driver safety that your policyholders will use.

  • Cell phone distracted driving causes over 25% of U.S. auto collisions and over $33 billion annually in insurance claims.

  • Your personal and commercial auto loss ratios are suffering from the steady increase in frequency and severity of claims from distracted driving.

  • LifeSaver for Insurers is a brandable, measurable, turnkey solution that auto insurers are using to effectively discourage their policyholders from distracted driving.

“We didn’t want any of our employees to be the cause of any personal pain or loss to themselves or to others in our communities. As we’ve seen all too many times, even a single distracted driving collision can have a devastating impact on many lives.”

Customer Testimonial

“It’s easy to deploy, taking just minutes to have drivers up and running. It allows safety officers to see who’s compliant and allows for driver productivity since navigation and hands-free calls are okay. Most importantly, LifeSaver can reduce distracted driving immediately.”

Customer Testimonial

“Our proactive approach to fleet safety with systems like LifeSaver has helped increase our productivity and has helped lower our insurance premiums.”

Customer Testimonial

“We’ve seen a 50% drop in annual fleet insurance claims after we started using LifeSaver. Our drivers are now fully aware that we take this seriously and we’re all in this together.”

Customer Testimonial