Nauto is determined to change drivers’ mindset toward safe driving practices. Footage of especially dangerous incidents are auto uploaded to your fleet dashboard.

68% of collisions are caused by distracted driving

Safety the smart way

Don’t let the interior and exterior camera fool you. Our multi-sensor device detects collisions, monitors risky maneuvering, and even tracks driver behavior all in real time. With Nauto you can retrofit any car with safety in just a few minutes.

Nauto is changing the way drivers and managers view safety practices.  Dangerous incidents auto-upload to the fleet dashboard, offering immediate feedback and data for all involved.


Bi-directional video

Never miss a moment with clear video of vehicle’s cabin and the road ahead.

Contextual event analysis

Nauto evaluates driver performance by using computer vision to analyze and understand real safety risks.

Vehicle Tracking GPS Hardware

Driver scoring and evaluation

Track driver performance over time to understand how each driver contributes to your fleet’s risk and liability level.

Live map

A live map of your fleets whereabouts 24/7 tie it all together.

Custom video request & mark button

Nauto captures critical moments so you can pull interior and exterior feeds at the touch of a button.

Real safety. Real savings.


  • Up to 37% Reduction in Collision Incidents

  • Up to 20% Improved Efficiency

  • Average 6 mo. Return on Investment

Save time & money with collision claims

Collisions are automatically detected, recorded, and uploaded to your online dashboard. Rest assured knowing Nauto logs dates, times, locations, speeds and more. Armed with the data for all significant events, fleets can cut claim costs by up to 80% while reducing risk and liability for their drivers.

Nauto is a safety device that makes any vehicle safer and smarter.

Get a complete picture of what’s happening on the road, from analyzing driver behavior to reporting near-misses and collisions.  Encourage drivers to develop safe habits through the use of distraction detection and real-time alerts.  Protect drivers from wrongful liability using precise video evidence including dates, times and locations.

Vehicle Tracking GPS Hardware

Flexible Mounting Solution

Vehicle Tracking GPS Hardware


Vehicle Tracking GPS Hardware

LED & Speakers for Feeback

Vehicle Tracking GPS Hardware

Night Vision Support

Vehicle Tracking GPS Hardware

Wide Angle Camera

Seamless Integrated Software

Simplified software helps to manage your complex information and deliver it in the most efficient manner, so you can spend less time deciphering your data and more time utilizing it to make better business decisions for both your fleet and your company.

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