Most Improved Branch

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Orkin Branch 318 was the most improved Branch in Orkin Northeast Division for reducing idle times. In Q4   reduced their total Idle time by 66.06% over 3 months! Most Improved Branches (per Division) Prize Received: Branch BBQ/Pizza Party (Sponsored by Rollins Fleet) o   655 Palm Beach Comml                       SED                  72.01% Reduction o   547 Pontiac MI                                    [...]


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Geotab Connect 2020 recap Published on January 14, 2020 in Fleet Management by Inshaal Badar Geotab’s biggest conference to date was held from January 13-16, 2020 at the San Diego Convention Center. If you could not attend or livestream Connect 2020, here is what happened on Day 1. Day 1 recap and keynote summaries After an exciting Welcome Dinner on [...]

Geotab Surpasses One Million Subscribers

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Geotab Surpasses One Million Subscribers Becomes first telematics company to achieve one million connected vehicles built on a single, open platform February 23, 2018 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Geotab, an award-winning leader in telematics technology, today announced it has surpassed one million subscribers, positioning the company as one of the fastest growing [...]

Distracted Drivers

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Drivers typically take their eyes off the road for more than two miles in a one-hour journey, study finds. Peugeot fitted special glasses on a group of drivers to monitor eye movements The drivers all completed twenty five identical six mile journeys in SUVs On average the drivers took their eyes off the road [...]

2018 South Carolina Pest Pro Summit

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2018 South Carolina Pest Pro Summit GoGPS Fleet Tracking Hardware and software management solutions and team will be an exhibitor attending the 2018 SOUTH CAROLINA PEST PRO SUMMIT. We will be showing the Fleet Managers how our GoGPS Fleet Management system can increase productivity, efficiency, and safety. Request a Demo [...]

Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

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Add-On of the week! Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring GoGPS Fleet Tracking system has a number of add on that can be used such as tire pressure monitoring. The system monitors tire pressure and tire temperature in real time and transmits data through your GO device to MyGeotab. Valor [...]

Guinness World Record Attempt with GoGPS Geotab Tracking Device

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Guinness World Record Attempt with GoGPS Geotab Tracking Device Please check out and support this amazing event. GoGPS is proud to be providing the tracking support for this Guinness World Record Attempt! This event is for the Kelly Shires Foundation. This Canadian Foundation offers financial assistance to those recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.. [...]

Case Study

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Case Study: Food Bank of Madrid The Challenge: Connecting to the Community, Safely and Efficiently The Food Bank of Madrid Foundation is a non-profit organization that receives and distributes food donations within Madrid’s community, and is dedicated to assisting people in need. With a fleet of 12 different vehicles, the Food Bank of Madrid gave out [...]

Expand your Business

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Integrating Telematics Data Throughout Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions. This milestone setting refresh will enable you to achieve a [...]