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Upgrading Fleet Safety

2020-10-08T11:33:50-04:00February 18th, 2020|Connected Vehicles, Fleet Compliance, Fleet Efficiency, Fleet Safety, Industry News|

Upgrading Fleet Safety in 2020: The Best Tech for Accident Prevention There are plenty of challenges facing fleets this year. From preparing for upcoming changes to regulations, to the ever-present spectre of driver shortage — we’ve all got a lot to think about. Some of these challenges are positive; our digital landscape has changed shopping [...]

Landscape Ontario: Congress ’19

2020-10-08T11:33:51-04:00November 2nd, 2018|Connected Vehicles, Industry News|

Canada’s Premier Horticulture and Green Industry Trade Show and Conference Congress is THE annual trade show and conference for Canada's horticultural and landscape professionals. Rated as one of North America's top rated show for the green industry it features: 600+ multinational vendors 1,300+ exhibit booth covering 8 acres 13,000+ attending green professionals 60+ professional [...]

Case Study

2020-10-08T11:33:54-04:00January 25th, 2018|Connected Vehicles, Fleet Efficiency, Fleet Management, Fleet Optimization, Fleet Safety, Industry News, Uncategorized|

Case Study: Food Bank of Madrid The Challenge: Connecting to the Community, Safely and Efficiently The Food Bank of Madrid Foundation is a non-profit organization that receives and distributes food donations within Madrid’s community, and is dedicated to assisting people in need. With a fleet of 12 different vehicles, the Food Bank of Madrid gave out [...]

Expand your Business

2020-10-08T11:33:55-04:00January 19th, 2018|Connected Vehicles, Fleet Management, Fleet Optimization, Industry News, Uncategorized|

Integrating Telematics Data Throughout Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions. This milestone setting refresh will enable you to achieve a [...]

Boost Fleet & Driver Productivity

2020-10-08T11:33:56-04:00January 8th, 2018|Connected Vehicles, Fleet Compliance, Fleet Efficiency, Fleet Management, Fleet Optimization, Uncategorized|

Boost Fleet & Driver Productivity Real-time Tracking on a Map Simply open the map and select the vehicles you’d like to see. It’s easy to view your vehicles with Geotab: hover over the vehicle location and you’ll see more details like arrival times and the speed while driving. Manage Your Trips, [...]

Information Graphics

2020-10-08T11:33:56-04:00January 3rd, 2018|Connected Vehicles, Fleet Efficiency, Fleet Management, Fleet Optimization, Industry News, Uncategorized|

Information Graphics When you’re trying to share information, data alone isn’t enough. Charts, maps, dashboards, and information graphics help communicate the value or lessons in the data to others. Translating data into imagery — this is known as data visualization. In addition to traditional management skills like communication and negotiation, data visualization is now [...]

Implementing Telematics into your Fleet

2020-10-08T11:33:56-04:00December 26th, 2017|Connected Vehicles, Fleet Compliance, Fleet Efficiency, Fleet Management, Uncategorized|

Implementing Telematics into your Fleet  Dealing with change can be difficult in any type or size of business. In fact, with rapid evolving technology and drastic shifts in company cultures, “change management” is even popping up as a focus in business management degrees. If you are hesitant to roll out telematics technology to your company, don’t [...]

Positive Results from Geotab Telematics

2020-10-08T11:33:57-04:00December 15th, 2017|Connected Vehicles, Fleet Efficiency, Fleet Management, Fleet Optimization, Industry News, Uncategorized|

Positive Results from Geotab telematics The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is a prime example of how innovative fleet practices can lead to greater safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Telematics was instrumental in helping the fleet reduce speeding and driving standards complementing their Alpha City Car-Sharing program. Safety is a top priority for the Royal Borough.“To have [...]

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