GPS Fleet Tracking is one of the most important and critical tools to any fleet manager or company that utilizes one or more vehicles.

It’s obvious that any fleet manager or business owner would want to know where their vehicles are at any given time for a number of reasons, but there is so much more to fleet management software that many do not realize the full potential of the hardware or the software that is used.

GoGPS is an authorized re-seller of the Geotab tracking platform and customizes services to fit the needs of any client that goes above and beyond the competitions.   The software can be built upon to fit the needs of any size business, and the particular needs of the business owner or fleet manager.  The main focus of the GoGPS Fleet Management solution by way of GPS Fleet Tracking is to increase the productivity, safety, and efficiency of the fleet by way of optimizing it while making it compliant at the same time.

The affordable solution that is the GoGPS Geotab tracking device is designed to plug directly into the vehicles OBD II Port, making it true plug n play.  The easy install that links to the vehicle’s engine computer sends rich data and accurate reporting to your MyGeotab platform that can be accessed by phone, tablet, or computer.  There is also a Geotab Marketplace where numerous addons can be add to give you reporting on anything from driver performance to tire pressure.

Most of our clients are in the Pest Control, Landscaping, Construction, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Courier, and Delivery businesses.  The ROI for a GPS Fleet Tracking is a no brainer once the tools are applied and understood.  Larger companies all the way to government branches such as homeland security also utilize the Geotab hardware.  Commercial clients use the (ELD) electronic logging device to stay compliant, as having an ELD to log (HOS) hours of service is no mandatory as madated by the FMCSA.  Recording the HOS in this way will save your company time and money.  There will be less paperwork, less administration costs, increase the efficiency of record keeping, and minimize violations.

The GoGPS Geotab tracking device will also keep your driver safe and prevent accidents.  The Geotab has the ability to signal a driver if they are driving over a set speed limit, and will generate reports based on driver habits such as fast cornering or hard breaking.  Changing driver behavior over time is also a key factor in increasing safety and efficiency keeping down fuel costs, not to mention route optimization. With certain addons such as the IOX-GOTALK, the drivers can receive verbal feedback, further increasing the safety and driver behavior aspects of being on the road daily and for long hours at a time.  The GOTALK will improve driver safety by teaching them good habits over time.

The benefits and possibilities of the GoGPS fleet management solutions are endless, contact us today to find out what we can do for your business, or inquire about our 30 day free trial, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

GPS Fleet Tracking