Geotab for Landscapers And Lawn Care:

Keep Your Team Moving with Real-Time Visibility

Power up your team with real-time fleet tracking. Geotab’s open fleet management platform offers the insights you need to keep business moving and make customers happy. The Geotab GO7 GPS tracking device captures rich, second-by-second data on position, speed, trip distance/time, speeding, idling, and much more. Increase productivity with geo fencing, accurate ETAs, and dispatch nearest driver feature.

Telematics can also help you reduce costs and improve driver safety. Affordable, reliable, and mobile friendly — Geotab is ideal for businesses in landscaping, lawn care, and maintenance.

The Geotab Advantage

+ Complete visibility of workforce, assets, and costs
+ Track fuel usage & idling trends
+ Compare personal vs. business miles
+ Route optimization & driver safety scorecard
+ High-performance GPS technology
+ Advanced dashboard reports
+ Open platform for easy data integration
+ Marketplace apps & add-ons

Boost Productivity & Control Costs

+ Live tracking of landscaping trucks, service vans, and other vehicles
+ Create customer zones / geofences
+ Dispatch nearest / best driver for the job
+ Accurate ETA’s
+ Reduce labor costs and overtime
+ Increase jobs completed per day

Improve Driver Safety

+ Risk and safety reports
+ Driver feedback with GO TALK
+ Instant accident notifications
+ Monitor seat belt use
+ Detect reverse driving

Manage Compliance

+ Improve worksite compliance
+ DVIR (Vehicle inspections)
+ Set policy rules and alerts

Cut Fuel Costs & Optimize Fleet

+ Fuel consumption tracking
+ Reduce speeding and unnecessary idling
+ Reduce after-hours usage
+ Route optimization (review planned vs. actual)
+ Detect engine issues
+ Predictive maintenance